Enter your website above – such as: – and choose how many pages you would like us to analyse for search engine optimisation – then click on ‘Buy’. We analyse your website, search environment and market and send you a search engine optimisation report, detailing exactly what you need to do to optimise your website and boost its position in the search results of the major search engines.

If you need us to email an invoice or to send a payment via post, please contact us

SEO search engine optimisation: an art and a science will holistically analyse your search engine optimisation topology (typically within 24-48 hours). Then we will send a comprehensive SEO report with detailed tactical and strategic guidance based on your unique position in the dynamic search landscape. Step-by-step instructions are written clearly for non-technical readers. You will need access to your website’s FTP site and content management system. Need help? just ask We can do much of the work for you, at a price to suit you – just ask

For a more in-depth analsis we will respond within hours with an all-inclusive price. Single-page websites and social/professional networking pages cost much less. Very few websites require more in-depth SEO and excessive SEO is not likely to yield significantly stronger results.
If you have a very small page or require intensive SEO – or if you have a question – please contac us

Art / Science

The fine details of search engines’ ranking and relevance policies are closely guarded secrets. Fortunately we’re constantly tweaking web content of every kind and we actively experiment with many of our own live websites. We’ve found that many long-held and emerging ideas about SEO are fundamentally flawed – or are insignificanct compared with factors that our competitors haven’t even dreamed of. If anybody else optimises your website it will just become one of millions that now look the same to search engines and human users. Search engine algorithms constantly evolve and they are already growing indifferent to the latest passing fads. Making your website look just like all the others is against the fundamental principles of search engine optimisation: search engines feed on differentiation.


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